About us

With modesty, but professionalism, we know in detail our products and why we offer them.

At SEVEN innovation is not a word, it is an attitude.

SEVEN PUMPS & MIXERS is a company located in Terrassa (Barcelona) dedicated, since 2004, to the design and manufacture of high quality equipment; centrifugal chemical process pumps, agitators and homogenizers.

We work with current and totally proprietary technology that allows our equipment to respond to a wide range of applications adapted to the needs of each client.

The vision

We offer products at very competitive prices and with lower delivery times than the average in the current market. In addition, our equipment implies a minimum need for maintenance, offering greater peace of mind to the client, since we are aware that any stop in its manufacturing processes implies substantial economic losses. Simplicity is the greatest satisfaction

Our competences also include a qualified after-sales service that offers our clients complete assistance to give a quick and efficient response to any problem or circumstance.