Section Diagram - Diagrama seccion B.P.Q.


The pumped liquid enters through the suction pipe (1) axially and due to the impeller (2), the fluid exits by acceleration towards the impulsion pipe (3). The energy generated by the speed of fluid entering and leaving, is transformed into pressure.

The axial thrust is balanced by means of discharge blades at the rear side of the impeller (4).

In this hydraulic system the impeller allows the passage of the pump shaft (5) through a protective casing (6) and is sealed by the action of a mechanical seal (7) that seals and prevents possible fluid leaks.

The standard mechanical seal type is single or double execution balanced cartridge type.

The shaft is supported by oil-lubricated bearings sealed by seals (8, 9), mounted on a bearing support (10). The fixing feet are located under the body.