Impellers - FULLFLOATER S e1589383757699

FULLFLOATER-S  | Turbulent Axial Flow

· Medium to large size agitations.
· The two-bladed design facilitates its assembly through the manhole.
· Improved flow / power ratio.
· Optimized operation with baffles

Impellers - FULLFLOATER EVO1 1 e1589383648824

FULLFLOATER-EVO1 | Laminar/Turbulent Axial Flow

· Homogeneous axial flow.
· The two-bladed design facilitates its assembly through the manhole.
· It can operate without baffles

Impellers - FULLVISC e1587406928679

FULLVISC | Positive Laminar Displacement

· Heat transmission processes and / or participation in homogenisations.
· Generation of circulating flow due to fluid displacement.
· Customizable dimensions and aspect ratio.
· May include wall scrapers.

Impellers - NCORA GRANDE e1589383980411

ÁNCORA | Laminar Tangential Flow

· Mixing of viscous products with thermal exchange on the tank walls.
· May include wall scrapers.

Impellers - COWLES e1587407218744

COWLES | Dispersion Turbine

· Solid-liquid dispersion and homogenization processes.

Impellers - VORTEX e1587407194504

VORTEX | Mixture in Viscous Phase

· Solid-liquid mixture in viscous phase.
· Low weight that allows a high speed range.

Impellers - HELICE F e1587407206355

HÉLICE-F | Complementary Flow

· Geometric adaptation to the bottom of the tank.
· To be mounted together with FULLFLOATER turbines.
· It improves the suspension of particles, directs the flow at the bottom and optimizes the discharge processes.