B.P.Q.M.G: Redesigning from scratch - bomba accionamiento magnetico g0

SEVEN PUMPS & MIXERS  has developed a chemical process centrifugal pump with MAGNETIC DRIVE with a very innovative concept.

Basically, work has been done on the redistribution of the different elements of the pump in a logical way as regards using the same box used by the chemical process pump with CM and other conditioners such as the lanterna (perimeter structure in stainless steel), characteristic of our fabrications.

Among other aspects, a friction bearing in SIC stands out with an exclusive anti-twist fixing system working on a stainless steel shaft with shaft with chromium oxide manufactured with thermal projection manufactured. ( SEVEN patent ).

Elements such as the shaft, bearing, case and bearing support have been positioned thinking about the demands of a pump with magnetic drive. And it has been done rationally, with common sense and with a clear goal: that the new BPQMG is a reference pump.